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What do we offer?

Children’s library of books, games and toys

10,000 + books and games that can be selected online on our App

Free home / office delivery and pick-up across Mumbai, Thane & Navi Mumbai

Recommendations in the app to help you select books and games

Exchange once a Month Monthly Price
Rs. 399
Rs. 699
Rs. 799


Unlimited Exchanges in a Month Monthly Price
Rs. 699
Rs. 899
Rs. 1099
Rs. 1299
Rs. 1999
Rs. 2399


You Selected: 4 Books at a time

Fully Refundable Deposit: Rs. 999

One Time Registration Fee: Rs. 399

You Selected: 2 Games at a time

Fully Refundable Deposit: Rs. 999

One Time Registration Fee: Rs. 399

You Selected: 4 Books & 2 Games

Fully Refundable Deposit: Rs. 999

One Time Registration Fee: Rs. 399

You Selected: 2 Books at a time

Fully Refundable Deposit: Rs. 999

One Time Registration Fee: Rs. 399

You Selected: 4 Books at a time

Fully Refundable Deposit: Rs. 999

One Time Registration Fee: Rs. 399

You Selected: 1 Game at a time

Fully Refundable Deposit: Rs. 999

One Time Registration Fee: Rs. 399

You Selected: 2 Books & 1 Game at a time

Fully Refundable Deposit: Rs. 999

One Time Registration Fee: Rs. 399

You Selected: 2 Games at a time

Fully Refundable Deposit: Rs. 999

One Time Registration Fee: Rs. 399

You Selected: 4 Books & 2 Games at a time

Fully Refundable Deposit: Rs. 999

One Time Registration Fee: Rs. 399

  • Refundable Deposit, Registration Fee and Monthly Price to be paid in the first month
  • Only Monthly Price to be paid from second month
  • Delivery and pick up is free (once for Single Exchange plans and up to four times per month for Unlimited Exchange plans)
  • All the contents of a Bag are replaced in an exchange, individual Book / Game is not
  • One month is 28 days (4 weeks), which is the maximum duration to hold any Book / Game
  • Subscription can be cancelled or paused any time by returning the Bag of contents
  • Deposit will be refunded immediately on cancellation

Why Choose Window Seat?

Flexible Subscription

  • Choose books, games or combo plans
  • Change plans anytime based on time availability

Pay only for what you use

  • Select exchange frequency as per your speed
  • Pause or Cancel anytime online

World Class Contents

  • Award-winning & Expert-selected Books/Games
  • Wide selection of contents across all genres & skills

Convenience at doorstep

  • Start, select contents, pay & interact online
  • Get free pickup & delivery

How does Window Seat work?


Select plan, checkout & submit assessment on website or through Whatsapp


Receive App download/login details to view recommendations and choose your books/games


Get delivery of the bag with the chosen books/games at your doorstep and pay via Cash On Delivery/UPI/Card


Give feedback on our app for the books/games received to improve content recommendations


Return the bag and receive the next bag as per schedule of the opted plan

Why Books & Games?

Benefits of reading from a young age:

Reading enjoyment is more important for children’s educational success than family’s socio-economic status (OECD, 2002)
Children who read for pleasure made more progress-in math, vocabulary and spelling beween the ages of 10 and 16-than those who rarely read (IOE, University of London)

Small strengths or deficits at the start of reading compound over time – Matthew Effect in Reading
(Reading expert Keith Stanovich in 1986)

Playing suitable games teach children:

how to win and lose with grace and good manners (Gobet et al 2004)

about getting along with others (Kamii and DeVries 1980;Zan and Hildebrandt 2005)

to consider the concept of rules, reason about moral problems, encourage players to detect patterns, plan ahead, predict the outcome of alternative moves and learn from experience. (Gwen Dewar 2012)

Our Collection

Our vast collection of kid’s books include the best of fiction, non-fiction, adventure, humour, drama, habits, values, moral stories, touch & feel, sound books etc.

Our educational and entertaining board games, puzzles and toys, will develop problem-solving, creativity, observation, communication, STEM, strategy and other key life skills.

Book Library

Toy Library

Why is Window Seat Intelligent?

Our panel of experts assigns more than 50 attributes for every book and game in our database. This allows us to introduce various genres and skills to our subscribers, thereby ensuring balanced learning outcomes. Feedback from each child is fed continuously into our proprietary UTAI algorithm to fine-tune these attributes and track their learning needs, independent of age. Parents save the constant effort required to identify books and games for their child’s ever-evolving needs.

1000 + young Mumbaikars have chosen Window Seat as their kid’s library. Join the best children’s book & toy library now.


“Cancelled my son’s library membership. Window Seat costs less and saves time to visit library.”

– Father of 10 year old Aditya Patel


“Stopped buying new books and games for both. They read and play all the wonderful books & games, and by the time they are bored, the next bags are here.”

– Mother of 8 year old Isha Shankar & Ganesh Shankar


“Loved it!! Read the book daily. My son enjoyed looking for the aliens in each page. We played pretend play by making a rocket and a tourist area on moon.”

– Mother of 5 year old Nivaan W


“Thanks for sending such wonderful books, which have helped my daughter to develop confidence in reading by herself. “

– Mother of 6 year old Krisha Mohandas


“Have been able to reduce his daily iPad playing time to half an hour. His Dad and me too enjoyed the board games.”

– Mother of 11 year old Aarav Ghosh


“It’s good – perfect packaging look and as good as new. Interesting books and app is excellent & hassle free.”

– Mother of 4 year old Girik Ambekar

Common Questions

What is Window Seat?

Window Seat is a children’s library in Mumbai offering subscription of books, games and toys for your kids that helps them fall in love with reading and playing at home. Individually recommended books and games are delivered and picked up free of delivery charges across Mumbai, Navi Mumbai & Thane. Once registered, you can use the Window Seat App to view and select books & games online and get them at your doorstep helping parents to save time, money and effort in getting the most suitable books, games and toys for the child.

Why is it called Window Seat?

Our objective is to enable your child to see and learn the world through reading and playing, sitting at the comfort of your home. This is similar to the window seat of a train where a child explores and learns the world, with a smile in the face and curiosity in the mind. Every child (even grown-ups;)) loves and longs for the window seat; we are sure that your child will love this Window Seat journey of fun and learning. Let us bring the ever-changing screen-less beautiful panorama to your child, one bag at a time.

Can I select books and games from your library?

Yes you can. We also provide artificial intelligence driven recommendation service which will help you select the most appropriate books and games based on your child’s continuously evolving needs and interests. The recommendation and collection of contents will be available on your App to help you view and select.

How many books and games come in a Window Seat bag?

You can customize your bag for the number of books and games you need from the available plans.

When can I exchange books / games?

For the Single Exchange per month plan you can exchange once in 4 weeks, while for the Unlimited Exchanges plan you can schedule exchanges any time within 4 weeks.

How do I select books and games from your library?

Once you avail the subscription we will send you our app download link (available for both android and iOS). By default the app will assign one set of books and games which the algorithm has found to be most suitable for your child. However you will have the option to change the assigned books and games as per your preference. 

Which cities do you cater to?

We operate in 3 cities at the moment – Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai. We will be shortly expanding to Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune, and Chennai.

When will my subscription renew?

Subscriptions gets renewed every 4 weeks automatically.

How do you decide which books and games to recommend?

At the time of availing the subscription, we would want you to fill a quick assessment form, sitting with your child. This will help our proprietary algorithm to identify the child’s learning levels and requirements to curate contents.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can submit a request to cancel the subscription. We will initiate the process of collecting the bag you hold and stopping the subsequent charges.

What age range is WindowSeat bags appropriate for?

Children in the age from 2 to 12 are suitable to receive bags from Window Seat.

How do I continue getting WindowSeat bags after my gift subscription ends?

Login to your account, and then go through the normal checkout process. The new subscription will be added to your old account.

What if I have children in two different age groups?

Each subscription is for a specific child. While the contents can be shared with siblings, we recommend that on an ongoing basis, children should read and play at appropriate learning levels. If you want books and games for children in multiple age groups every month, we offer a 15% discount for the second subscription onwards shipping to the same address, as long as the multiple subscriptions are active. Shoot us an email to if you would like to take advantage of this opportunity.

When will I get my refundable deposit back?
We charge the deposit against the books / games that you keep. Whenever you choose to stop the subscription, you can return our books / games and we will return the deposit.

We deliver the first bag of the subscription within 4 days of you placing the request. For any order related queries you may contact us on +91 22 35653448.

If you’re not happy for any reason with your first bag, we’ll cancel your subscription and refund the money for the first bag! To claim the guarantee you just need to place a cancellation request on our app before you receive your second bag. If you wish to cancel the subscription anytime after you receive the second bag you may place a request to cancel the subscription through the Contact Us section on our app. We will cancel the subscription starting from the first subscription cycle post 2 days from the request. We will initiate the process of collecting the existing bag you hold and stop the subsequent charges to your account.

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