A journey to Lifelong learning at the Window Seat, the most convenient kids library

Did we read your mind? No! That was not the intention. These were the questions running in our parental minds four years ago. We tried all options, but just ended up spending a lot of money on things which were limited by choice and were used sparingly only to eat up our limited storage spaces. Speaking with other parents, we realized that almost everyone had these ‘limits’ in engaging children at home. That’s when the idea about Mumbai’s favourite kids library of books & toys germinated.

After spending a year on developing a proprietary self learning feedback algorithm which recommended books and games to unique needs of a child we launched Window Seat. We were encouraged by initial set of young subscribers lapping up our personalized books & games to give the much needed rest to TVs, tablets and mobiles. It was deja vu for both of us, reminding of our childhood of 90s!

We look forward to welcome you on this unique journey helping the young minds break free from the limits of choice and space and explore the world from their home, one bag at a time! Hop on.

Our Team

Swadeep Patil

Father of 4 and 1 year olds
Yale School of Management, Serial Entrepreneur

Jayagovind C V

Father of 9 and 7 year olds
IIM Calcutta, Ex-Banker

Read & Play and Do Good for the Society

Together with our community of Window Seat travellers (subscribers), we also wish to enrich the lives of less privileged children. At the end of the cycle of circulation at Window Seat, our books and games find a home in government schools through an engagement program with our CSR partner – Yuva Unstoppable. Spread across 30 cities in India, Yuva Unstoppable, works towards education and non-curricular development of underprivileged children.

Read & Play and Do Good for the Planet

Reusing instead of owning books and games is an environmentally-preferred method because it reduces the consumption of natural resources such as wood, petroleum, fibers and other materials. Our subscription model is designed to ensure that every one in the Window Seat community contributes to this universal cause and helps save the planet. It also creates a learning model for the children to implement in other facets of life.

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