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Window Seat App

Where can I download the Window Seat App from?

Once you have subscribed to the Window Seat Journey at our website, you need to download the Window Seat App from Playstore or App Store. The link for the same will be available in the Welcome email sent to you. Please ensure to complete the Assessment Form along with the Checkout process to complete the registration.

How to give feedback on the app?

Once you receive the books and games you will see them on the feedback tab of the app. Click on the book or game to submit feedback to let us know how appropriate and interesting the book or game was. Once the feedback is given the books and games are moved to the history tab.


How can I cancel the subscription?

You can submit a request to cancel the subscription through the Contact Us section in the Window Seat App or by messaging us on WhatsApp. We will cancel the subscription starting from the first subscription cycle post 2 days from the request. We will initiate the process of collecting the existing bag you hold.

How do I pause the subscription?

You can submit a request to pause the subscription through the Contact Us section in the Window Seat App or by messaging us on WhatsApp. You will not be billed in the period when you choose to pause the subscription by giving back the contents with you.

How can I change to a different subscription plan?

You can submit a request to change the subscription plan through the Contact Us section in the Window Seat App. We will change the subscription plan starting from the first subscription cycle post 2 days from the request.

How to add multiple subscribers to the same address?

You will have to place separate orders for each child for the same address.

Can I get only books or only games in my Window Seat Bags?

Yes, you can choose a plan from the options available of Books-only, Games-only or Books & Games combo plans.

Exchange of Window Seat Bags

When will the first delivery and subsequent exchanges happen?

The first delivery will start within 1 to 4 days from payment and completion of the Initial Assessment Form by the child. You will receive a notification prior to the delivery. The subsequent exchanges will happen 4 weeks after the previous delivery, on the days of the week designated for your delivery area. The delivery timings will be during the day and will be fixed by Window Seat. If you want an exchange on a day other than designated days or time outside the regular delivery/pickup time alloted by Window Seat, there will be a delivery/pickup charge that need to paid based on your location as informed by Window Seat.

How does the book/game recommendation, selection and delivery work?

One day before delivery/dispatch (on the Window Seat App)

1) Algorithm assigns learning level and issues books / games as per your plan

2) You can browse through the Collections tab and inform us on WhatsApp if you wish to replace any of the issued books / games

On delivery date (at your doorstep)

1) Receive delivery of bag and make payment (UPI, card or cash)

2) Return previous bag in case of subsequent exchanges

This cycle is repeated once in 4 weeks for Exchange-once-a-month plans and whenever you initiate an exchange in Unlimited exchanges in a month plans.

If you are out of town on the day of exchange, please inform us on the previous day when you receive the Bag issue notification. 

What happens if I am not available or cannot exchange the bag on a due date?

The bag charges are always due as per the 4 week payment cycle even if the exchange gets postponed on the designated day & time due to unavailability of the contents/subscriber. In case you or any family member is not present to facilitate an exchange, you may leave the bag with the security/reception/neighbour or at your door handle safely from where our delivery executive can pick up the previous bag and deliver the new bag. If these are not possible, we will try to reschedule the exchange as per our next available day slot. If the exchange gets postponed again, the bag charges will have to be paid for the extended period proportionately in accordance with your plan charges.

Can I use the books/games issued to me after the exchange due date?

If you wish to use the books/games issued to you after the scheduled exchange date, you can inform us upfront. The same books/games will be reissued for the exchange date and you can pay the monthly charges from the exchange due date. If you want to use the books/games for a period lesser than 4 weeks, you can pay the charges proportionately. 

How many times can I exchange the contents in the Unlimited Exchanges plan?

In the unlimited exchange plan, you can avail up to 4 exchange visits (including the first delivery) in 4 weeks free of any additional delivery/pick up charges. If you wish to have exchange visits beyond 4 times, there will be a nominal delivery/pickup charges for each visit. Based on your location, we will inform you of the days of the week on which you can schedule exchanges. Any exchange other than the mandatory once in 4 weeks exchange will have to be initiated by the subscriber in the Unlimited Exchanges plans.

Questions relating to condition of books and games

What if I get a damaged book or game?

We have a stringent quality process for ensuring that the Window Seat Bag carries contents in readable and playable condition. In the unlikely event of receiving book or game unsuitable for use, please send an picture to us. We will ensure that an additional book or game is included in the next Bag sent to you.

What happens if my child damages a book or game?

Inorder to ensure the best quality contents in your bags, we need your support to avoid damage to the contents. In case of damages, we recommend you to replace the book or game with a new copy of the same. If you are unable to do that we will inform you of the damage and charge a replacement fee or damage repair fee, which can be paid by you or can be deducted from the Refundable Deposit maintained with us.

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