Screen-less. Clutter-less. Limit-less.

Remember the picturesque sceneries, the wind blowing through your hair, the trees and lakes running backward, and the smile on your face…the good times at a train’s window seat! Squabbling with your sibling and running to grab that seat, which was probably the most priceless place ever, as it offered the view of the world around us like nothing else could.

Window Seat was born out of the need to give a child the same unparalleled experience of seeing, learning, and questioning from the comfort of his or her home. Even in a day and age of swanky cars and super-fast flight journeys where children are getting increasingly addicted to screens of TVs, mobile phones and other devices, Window Seat aims to move the clock backwards to those times when kids grew up in the company of books and games, and not devices.

We match the best books and games in the world to the unique needs of a child using a proprietary self-learning feedback-based algorithm to constantly challenge and advance your child’s learning graph. Just like the window seat in a train shows a child a world of views, the individually curated Window Seat Bag will constantly introduce your child to new experiences, one bag at a time. And, all this without cluttering your home, as we will keep replacing (and not hoarding your cupboards) the bags.

Give your child the experience of your own childhood

Bring Alive Your Childhood

The 90s… an era that was characterized by all things simple yet delightful. From the joy of listening to music on the modest walkman to the fun of pulling the metal shutter of floppy discs… those were the days when a lot of today’s technology was at its advent, but had still not taken over our life.

To overcome the nascent technologies we also found many smart hacks. Creating our playlist by cutting and pasting a sequence of our favourite songs, or manually aligning the television antenna to tune and receive the signals, or rebooting the Windows 95 PC whenever it threw an error!

Give your child the experience of your own childhood

The 90s weren’t about face locks and privacy, but about sharing. Neighbors were not just people living in the adjacent homes, but also those we shared a great part of our life with… and the landline telephone too, quite often!

That Train Journey

The fondest memories of summer vacations often began with a sleepy you being dragged out of bed so you wouldn’t miss the early morning train. Rushing to the railway platform, maybe still in your night suit, and then hearing the train whistle. Your eyes light up because it’s time to enjoy a beautiful journey, and claim the window seat.

In just one journey, you experienced so many moments. Taking turns for berths, sharing dabbas with family or even strangers who felt like family at the time.

Waving to random people on the platform, teasing monkeys on the railway tracks. Train journeys create special memories.

And the overnight journeys were even more fun, wondering why the moon wouldn’t stop following you. Your innocent heart thought it was because the moon loved you so much. Well, it did! But there were other astronomical reasons also behind it.

Your curious eyes couldn’t contain all that they saw. Yet, your heart knew that this was pure joy – being with loved ones, having new experiences, meeting new people, and enjoying simple pleasures. The joy of being at the window seat!

Give your child the experience of your own childhood

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