Covid Safety at Window Seat

At Window Seat, the safety and well-being of our community is key. We follow a defined Covid-19 protocol with detailed SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) at every place from Warehouse to Delivery and for everyone from backend staff to subscribers.

How do we ensure a safe and sanitized bag is delivered to you?


  • Disinfection & sanitization after every few hours
  • No-touch process for handling the inventory of books and games
  • Stringent isolation protocols for inventory in line with WHO findings (Read more about this below.

In Transit

  • Books & Games untouched as inventory is locked in Window Seat bags at Warehouse to be picked up by Delivery Associate
  • Special bags made of woven fabric which have short virus retention time
  • Delivery Associates clean all frequently touched surfaces of their vehicles and delivery devices at the start and end of routes.


  • No-interaction exchange at designated area as per local/society rules
  • Phone-based communication for pickup reminder and exchange confirmation
  • Delivery Associate submits picture of the delivery every time to ensure accuracy

Health and Safety Tips to subscribers

  • Even though we maintain the highest standards in hygiene and safety, we advise to wash your hands with soap after bringing in the Window Seat bag.
  • The books and games are delivered in a contactless process, after going through an isolation procedure and hence are completely safe to use immediately.
  • Please isolate the empty bag for 12 hours or above to avoid any possibility of contamination
  • Please keep the bag for pickup at the designated area and pickup the new bag after receiving confirmation from our end on exchange.

Health and Safety of our staff including Delivery Associates

  • All our staff undergo compulsory training on following the highest safety standards at work and home.
  • The staff are supplied with standard masks and sanitizers. Additionally, all are provided with steamers and Vitamin C tablets for daily use.
  • Entry, exit and midday temperature measurement
  • Mandatory use of Aarogya Setu App
  • Frequent advisories and reminders on social distancing and safe conduct
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