One of the key milestones in a child’s reading journey is the phase when the child is beginning to read independently. Parents often wonder about the appropriate age to introduce their child to reading independently. While each child is unique, the age range of 5 to 7 years old is generally considered ideal for beginning this journey. At this stage, since children have typically developed some foundational language and cognitive skills, they can move to phonics books and then progress on to other beginner and advanced reading books step by step. 

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Window Seat Kids Library

At Window Seat, we offer a wide collection of phonics books, sight word books, and reading fluency books from renowned publishers such as Oxford Reading Tree, Ladybird Books, Scholastic, and Random House. These books use systematic phonics and reading fluency instructions to build a solid foundation for children beginning to read.

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Phonics books, Sight words and more

Phonics books focus on the relationship between sounds and letters, helping children decode words and develop essential phonetic awareness.
Sight words books introduce words that appear frequently in everyday writing, making it easy for children to recognize and read such words.
Reading Fluency books at various levels take beginner readers step-by-step with age-appropriate stories, word length, sentence lengths and controlled vocabulary, allowing them to practice and improve their newly acquired reading skills.

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Why choose Window Seat Kids Library for your 3-8 year old child?

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+ Beautifully illustrated stories from the best authors to fuel the imagination of 3-5 year-olds
+ Phonics and progressively growing level books from the best publishers for 5-7 year-olds
+ Captivating stories filled with adventure, humour, and drama for 7+ year-olds
Start the wonderful journey of reading and learning for your child today.

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