Here is a quick analysis of the time and money cost in addition to the library fees for a traditional library subscription with monthly charges (Assuming that you visit the library once a week)

 Time and money spent on traditional libraries

 These costs are absent in Window Seat which features personalized recommendations, online selection, delivery/pickup and all-inclusive prices.

Let us consider a scenario of 2 books at a time plan typically offered by traditional libraries:

> The average library fee is ₹600 p.m.* and assuming you exchange once a week, you end up spending ₹200 (33%) more than Window Seat (8 Books for a month plan at ₹599).

> In the Window Seat plan, you have all 8 books with you for the full month giving flexibility, whereas in the traditional library you will have each book only for a week.

> If you end up not getting opportunity to visit the library (on an average, members are able to visit traditional libraries only thrice during a month), your cost remains almost the same and cost per book goes higher. Window Seat plans ensure that you get all the contents you paid for.

 Feedback from Window Seat subscribers


A few words from our subscribers who earlier had traditional library subscriptions:

“When we had a library subscription, I have never thought about the cost incurred for visiting it every time. Now I save that money and more importantly the time I spent on the road.” – Prerna Sawant, Pune

“We could not visit the library on many occasions due to other engagements, and my daughter used to end up not having books to read. In Window Seat, I have opted for a plan as per her reading speed, so that she always has something new to read” – Anjali Shrivastava, Mumbai

“Earlier, we used to pick up toys of elder kids for our 2-year-old. In Window Seat, I see only toys which are relevant for me to choose from.” – Ramesh Iyer, Thane

Quick comparison

 We have put together a comparison chart with traditional library subscription as well as buying books/games, on some aspects that matter for parents.

Window Seat Vs Traditional library subscription Vs Buying books and toys

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*Date collected from the internet and consumer survey


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