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Bag for 2 weeks


Bag Charge for 2 weeks
Rs. 199
Rs. 299
Rs. 399
Rs. 499


You Selected: 4 Books at a time

Pay for 1st Delivery – 1199 INR

Pay from 2nd Delivery – 199 INR

You Selected: 2 Games at a time

Pay for 1st Delivery – 1699 INR

Pay from 2nd Delivery – 299 INR

You Selected: 4 Books & 2 Games

Pay for 1st Delivery – 1999 INR

Pay from 2nd Delivery – 399 INR

You Selected: 8 Books & 2 Games

Pay for 1st Delivery – 2499 INR

Pay from 2nd Delivery – 499 INR

  • On first delivery, pay Refundable Deposit, Registration Fee, and Bag Charge
  • From second delivery onwards, pay only the Bag Charge
  • All the Books or Games of a Bag are replaced in an exchange, individual Books/Games are not replaced
  • Maximum duration to hold a Bag is 4 weeks
  • An exchange can be initiated by the subscriber any time before 4 weeks also
  • Subscription can be cancelled or paused any time by returning the Bag of contents
  • Deposit will be refunded immediately on cancellation
  • No additional delivery/pickup charges for any number of exchanges


“Great initiative. I wish I had got hold of this option earlier”

– Binali


“Seriously good games, the books are great too”

– Gunjan


“My kiddo was very excited when she got the Window Seat bag”

– Andrew


“I really think the concept is great”

– Poonam

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We deliver the first bag of the subscription within 4 days of you placing the request. For any order related queries you may contact us on +91 22 35653448.

If you’re not happy for any reason with your first bag, we’ll cancel your subscription and refund the money for the first bag! To claim the guarantee you just need to place a cancellation request on our app before you receive your second bag. If you wish to cancel the subscription anytime after you receive the second bag you may place a request to cancel the subscription through the Contact Us section on our app. We will cancel the subscription starting from the first subscription cycle post 2 days from the request. We will initiate the process of collecting the existing bag you hold and stop the subsequent charges to your account.

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